Held the second Friday of every month, the Tremont Art Walk in the historic neighborhood of Cleveland is a festive community celebration of art. Here are 10 fun fast facts regarding this monthly event:

1. The walk features local artists and their works displayed in certain galleries.

2. This free event is especially pleasant in the warmer months of the year, a good way to get acquainted with Tremont.

3. Live street performances and entertainment liven up the Tremont Art Walk.

4. Proceeds from raffles on particular original art work often supports arts events like the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival.

5. Local cafes and coffee shops help host the event, providing discounts and deals for the art walk.

6. Local artists in different galleries offer especially low prices on some of their works during this event.

7. Galleries are open later during the Friday night walk for people to leisurely browse the art.

8. The event came about in the 1980s and continues to be popular are well attended today.

9. Residents can get out and appreciate their city together.

10. Jean Brandt of Brandt Gallery has been the main person promoting and keeping the Tremont Art Walk going.More info here: What does “Juried” mean?

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