A History of Animal Care in Cleveland: From Shelters to Sanctuaries

When it comes to the history of animal care in Cleveland, there are two main chapters: shelters and sanctuaries. The first chapter is about the time when Cleveland was home to a number of municipal animal shelters. These shelters were often overcrowded, and the conditions were far from ideal. However, things changed in the 1970s when a new type of animal care institution started popping up all over the city: sanctuaries. Today, Cleveland is home to some of the best animal sanctuaries in the country!

The first municipal animal shelter in Cleveland was opened in 1869. It was located on the city’s west side and housed both dogs and cats. The conditions at the shelter were far from ideal, and it quickly became overcrowded. In response to public outcry, the city built a new, larger shelter on the east side in 1892. This shelter was also overcrowded, and the conditions were still not ideal.

The first animal sanctuary in Cleveland was opened in 1971. It was called the Animal Protective League Sanctuary, and it was located on the city’s west side. The sanctuary was founded by a woman named Ruth Cushman, who had previously worked at one of the municipal shelters. The sanctuary was a much more humane environment for the animals, and it quickly became popular with both the public and the animals.

Today, there are several animal sanctuaries in Cleveland, and they are all doing amazing work. If you’re looking to adopt a new furry friend, be sure to check out one of these wonderful sanctuaries!